English Training Industry

The English training industry has a huge potential with business to be tapped in billions of dollars. It is a growing industry particularly in Asia. In India alone the business potential is estimated at several thousand crores. However, the number of major companies in this domain is few. Barring Veta there are few companies with bases across India.

Why Veta

It will be truism to say that English has become indispensable. Everyone knows it, but the fact is not many academic institutions give serious attention to communicative skills in English during a student's formative years. In many schools and colleges it is taught as a subject ignoring the very purpose of studying a language to communicate.

A sorry state but it is here Veta enters the scene. With more than three decades of experience in teaching communicative skills in English to South Asia learners, it has designed a method and material that is especially designed for this group.

With 140 centres in 110 cities, Veta has trained more than 3.4 million learners of which 70% are young graduates who are well placed today.

Veta Products
  • Foundation English (FE)
  • Fluent English (FS + NS)
  • Pro-English (English for professionals)
  • Sureshot
  • English Holiday
  • Veta’s School Plus
We give you
  • Training in business
  • Training your teachers
  • Veta’s technical know-how
  • Training Information Management System
  • Constant support in terms of training, branding and logistics
  • A powerful brand.
Why become Veta’s Franchise
  • Trusted brand, Since 1981.
  • A bouquet of training programmes offered to meet individual needs.
  • Benefitted 3.4 million learners so far, now aim for billions.
  • Strong network presence of 140 centres in 70 cities - National leader.
  • Successful franchise partners association in all cities across India.